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      Robert "Blovius Maximus" Turkel
           publishing under the name of
          James Patrick (J. P.) Holding
Robert Turkel operates a Website for Christian apologists.  He bloviates under the pretentious pseudonym of James Patrick (J.P.) Holding.  On or about July 16, 2007, Turkel made this fraud complete through a legal name change.  For reasons that are probably too painfully stupid for normal people to think about, Turkel supposes that we will all now bow from the ankles and refer to him as Jimbo Pat Holding.  Yeah, that'll happen.  No, it won't.  To us, he'll always be Robert Turkel: Fat-Assed Manbitch.

We're often appalled by Turkel's ignorance of even the most mundane things that appear in the pages of the Bible, but at least now we have an explanation for his ignorance.  Here's what Turkel wrote on the Theology Web on April 14, 2006:

          "Yeah, well, dude, know what I did in church during the sermon 2 weeks ago?
          I sketched 40 pages of script for Shrike Team #3.  Wanna know how often I
          read the Bible? 5 minutes a day, to the Mrs. in the evening. Wanna know
          how much I pray a day?  5 seconds at meals. Wow. I've got the brainwash,

Turkel's beliefs and opinions have a shelf life of eight years, so what he wrote above won't expire until April 14, 2014.  No kidding, this guy is a cartoon character who came to life by some as-yet unexplained mechanism.  If you think his apologetics are completely worthless, just try holding him to his word of honor.

Anyway, whenever a relevant-to-TSR article "disappears" from his Website, we attempt to locate the article in the Wayback Machine and republish it here.

Tomb Visitor Checklist: Do the Gospels Contradict Over Who Went to
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aka  J. Pee Holdingtank  aka  Skippy  aka  Robert "No Links" Turkel  aka J. Pretentious Huffenstuff  aka  JayPee Hackingcough  aka  J. Petty Horseyhiney  aka  JP Handwave  aka  JayPee Molding  aka  JP Horsemanure  aka  JayPee Hiding  aka  JP Hyperbole  aka  JP Handywipe  aka  JP Hallucination  aka  JP Handout  aka  J.P. Holdup  aka JayPee HoityToity  aka
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